We are the field mouse!

Nature is where I find peace. It’s where I learned my trauma is not my shame to carry. Nourishment for my body and soul. Sometimes it’s meditation in the sounds of the birds singing and the trees rustling in the wind. The awe-inspiring sites that only nature can create. Other times, it’s the joy and laughter that come from new experiences.

The wonder in the eyes of my kids. Their excitement and laughter for themselves, with no thought of appearances. Simplicity. A mindset far too undervalued. It’s where we build our bonds and understand life.

Mother’s Day we hiked a small interpretive trail that follows the story of a field mouse who learns the importance of all parts of the ecosystem. About halfway through my son Caleb, who is very proud of his ‘5 and a half’ years, turned to me and exclaimed, “Mom! WE ARE THE FIELD MOUSE!” Yes baby, yes we are. There is no greater reward than watching my babies ‘get’ it, knowing they will carry our adventures with them forever.

Contributed by: Jamie Tuthill | Location: Washington, USA | Feature image: “Camping in October 2009” by Chase N. is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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