To be inspired

I wasn’t very good at studies. I inherited the sports gene from my father and grandfather and I loved the outdoors. As a professional coach, I’m always looking for promising talent and the scouting took me to rural areas.

You have to see what naturals some of these children are, and they bolt barefooted! Some may call it adversity, in reality – a normal for them. I started devoting a significant portion of my time in organizing basic sports education and infrastructure initiatives to help them chase their running dreams.

We recently held our 2nd State-level program “Dhaadas” where 1000+ athletes from 24 rural schools competed. Winners were awarded cycles, the rest got medals and certificates. A girl was sobbing because she lost the opportunity to win a cycle, for the second time in a row. She said the cycle would have made it faster for her and her sister to reach school – an 8km walk each way. We now have bicycles awarded to the top 3 in every race.

Contributed by Ajit Kulkarni | Location: Mumbai |Feature Image: “Shoes pride” by akunamatata is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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