Finish Lines

“Ajay Lewis you are an IronMan“ – priceless words at the finish line!

90 km bike ride, 21 km run and an almost 2 km of swim. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined I’d be in a race of this magnitude and grandeur.

I am here now – from being out of shape (5 years ago) -> running my first 4 Km in 48 mins -> sub2 half marathons -> triathlon. Doctors and medicines save lives. Coach Ajit showed a way of life in sticking to basics – care for ourselves, family, team and the grounds, ocean shores or wherever else we train on.

Training for the Triathlon was a new challenge though. How do I expand my day and energy to balance 3 sports? I couldn’t afford to snooze the 5 a.m alarms. Social life – bye bye for now. My wife balanced my short presence at gatherings. My kids postponed our routines and trips together. Mom and MIL learnt about nutrition to make the diet right. And, my training buddies always showed up. I started swimming only after registering for the triathlon. It was the daunting part. Swim Coach Kiran’s golden mantra on race day worked like magic!!

The halfiron medal is mine, and the support of my circle continues to be the source of my real endurance.

Contributed by: Ajay Lewis | Location: Goa, India

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