The Universal Language of Flowers!

To listen to a flower’s language a little more closely – snippets from #Seattle and #Gurugram. 

“In the 3rd phase of Unlock but it still seems a long haul ahead. What has kept me going? The flowers all around: lending positivity and hope; helping us take the best from the worst. For the times we couldn’t step out I looked at all the views from my window. And when we could, I walked on the grass and amazed at all the beautiful blooms of spring and summer. 

Like this sunflower. It was blooming in our park as I walked down one day. It transported me straight to Tuscany and Umbria where I have lived at length; to Maremma where the sunflower fields had seen me dance some years ago. Standing in a park in North India I was in Italy! The only way I, a Travel Curator, can travel right now! 

Girasole: which turn their heads towards the sun. You know what it whispered to me? In the dark moments of life, follow our example. Raise your head and find your own sunshine.” – Jayanti Pandey


“Being outdoors relaxes my mind and awakens all my senses. I feel most present in the moment and take it all in. As a Graphic Designer, nature is a source of inspiration. There is always something new that sparks my creativity. 

Like the sunflowers with their brilliant yellow petals, resembling sun rays, they are bright, cheerful, and warm as the sweet summer sun. Always managing to put a smile on everyone’s face.” – Ana Maria 

Contributed by: Jayanti Pandey, Ana Maria | Location: Gurugram, India ; Seattle, WA

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