“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

We believe in the ‘Earn while you Learn’ principle and as such our team is fully comprised of interns. The purpose of internships is to help students not only earn their way to a college degree and add structure to their lives, but through the social and practical skills they learn here, we hope it will ready them up for future job opportunities.

Every project will involve making a difference through the advocacy of active lifestyles. Projects range from backend research work to front-end storytelling/curating stories from the outdoor community and everything in between.

Interns are typically pre-final or final-year students of undergraduate programs. They are actively involved in a field sport or adventure sport. The duration of internships is 12 weeks, with a monthly stipend, flexible work hours, and perks/swag useful for outdoor life. An intern can work beyond 12 weeks, or return for a future internship based on project needs.

There is no application process for internships. We hand select our interns through referrals at the beginning of every quarter – January, April, July, and October

Meet our interns 2021

Senora is a Final year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, Journalism, and English Literature. She is the current Sports Secretary of her college, co-founder of Parikrma Changemakers (social impact initiative), Namma Bengaluru “Rising Star” nominee (2019), Captained the Girls KARNATAKA football team in the SPN National Inclusion Cup (Goa, 2020). She is a staunch believer of mind-body-behavior coordination; she also enjoys basketball, throwball, athletics, trekking, dancing, cycling, writing, and public speaking.

Anish is a 2nd-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com). He has played football at the District and State Level, currently plays Division A with Parikrma FC. Anish also enjoys running marathons, meeting people, visiting places in and around Bangalore, listening to music, and drawing.

Deepa is a Second Year student-athlete pursuing. B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce).
“My playing career is a work in progress and I’m working hard at it. I couldn’t get through Senior Nationals trials. In a training camp in Pune, I faced my fear of diving and learned technical distribution. I played in the RFYS tournament (runners up). I played at the National Inclusion Cup (Panaji) representing Karnataka – an unforgettable moment -we WON the cup! Next, I want to play in the Indian Women’s League.
I couldn’t have come this far without my coaches. They’ve taught me life values – resilience, and dedication through play and even inspired my career goal to become a Referee.
I completed the Young Leader course (Manchester) and now preparing for the Referee Exam. I coach children at Grassroots; am a Young Leader at Magic Bus where government school children are provided education from childhood to livelihood and are taught self-belief in face of destabilizers such as child labor and child marriage. I love working with them!

Shilpa is a second year student-athlete pursuing. B.Com. On dot for every practice, punctuality, perseverance, balancing home responsibilities, sport and study she plays Football at University Level and is a State level Athlete. In picture, at the 2020 Inclusion Cup, Goa.