Rupa’s roots extend from Pune, India, where she was born, to Hyderabad, where she grew up, from her maternal home now in Gulbarga, Karnataka, all the way to her current home in Seattle, Washington. And while these places vary in climate, location, and culture, the common thread that connects them is a wealth of natural wonders. Rupa’s passion for unlocking empathetic human connections from the grassroots level was apparent early on and led her to study Rural Management at the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), Gujarat.

With a gift for recognizing talent and creating opportunities, she took a detour from the Rural sector and went on to work as a team builder for global brands like D.E. Shaw, Amazon, Google, and Crowdstrike, with each organization in their formative years, over the course of two and a half decades. Balancing the long career with hiking in the Pacific Northwest, she had two epiphanies: that the capacity of nature to bring people together is everywhere, even in cities. And yet, that not everyone can take full advantage of it. In 2019, she decided to change course and devoted herself to bridging the gap. Her next role, with a wildlife documentary house in Bangalore, brought her back to her origins and further deepen her connection with the natural world.

Today, she’s on a mission to create a global community that believes in the positivity that comes from the simple act of walking around outside. One major part of this initiative is the stories and experiences that Footnote.World explores. Another is to provide footwear to children who need it. Above all, Rupa is determined to bring people of all backgrounds together through outdoor activities.


Social Media Manager

Sanjana Raj, in her early 20’s brings with her a vast experience of traveling in the jungles of Western Ghats as a nature photographer, exploring her connection with the natural world. As a fresh graduate with a degree in Chemical Engineering, from Bangalore’s premier institute, M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology, she’s passionate about discovering wonderous in nature and uses her gift of visual aesthetics and communication to connect with millennials and the youth of her generation.

Over the years, even as a student, Sanjana’s has worked closely with frontline soldiers of conservation and communities who have lived in the forest for ages. As a new-age social media-driven nature photographer she is able to give life and color to many nuances of her observations and learnings.

She believes in the power of community and devotes her time to building a robust community around sustainable outdoor travel. is her journey in bringing together a nature-loving community to grow and nourish their physical, emotional, and mental well being.