Team Footnote

Bengaluru and Seattle—two very different places, 8,100 miles apart, separated by oceans, languages and cultures. Yet, orchids like these can be found in both. 

In Seattle, Rupa, half of the team found a Calypso Orchid in a forest recovering from a fire. Back in Bengaluru, Sanjana, the other half, found Orchids blooming on a tree in a forest and couldn’t resist capturing them. We are delighted to bring these images together here, in our 50th post. 


Rupa Saumil

Calypso Orchid

Sanjana Raj

Star Orchid

The beauty of the natural world is universal, and being outdoors reminds us of our capacity to change and grow. Today Sanjana, who as a little girl was not above faking stomach aches to skip out on birding trips with her dad, so she could run home and watch TV, is an avid nature photographer. And Rupa, whose life was once a series of trips back and forth between corporate garages and her driveway, and whose husband literally dragged her to her first hike, is staking her path to a nature-inspired lifestyle. 

We hope to encourage discovery, exploration, and dialogue between people from all over the globe through the simple, common passion for being outside. Keep checking back: as we approach our website’s launch, we’ll continue to share our favorite stories and images with you. If you have one, email us at, and tell us about it. We look forward to getting to know you. 

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