Focus Areas

Focus Areas

We are invested in the outdoor community and look for opportunities where our grants can have a significant impact on any given initiative. With this mindset, we choose to work with organizations where the focus on outdoor activities and their measurable benefits to their micro-community is fundamental. Being involved is crucial to our understanding of associated dependencies in the outdoor ecosystem and in raising awareness of the same. We hand select our associations and share positivity from our collaborations and community through our social presence.

How are we making it happen?

Our approach with every initiative is pilot-project based to first establish medium to long-term feasibility, as well as a trusting and mutually productive working relationship. Developing work and organizations we are engaged with:

On the Streets: Bare Essentials for foot hygiene and comfort

Pilot 2020 – 2021: Piloted with Greensole Foundation, Mumbai to understand shoe recycling, distribution, and reach. Our pilots involved providing 900 barefooted children in semi-urban areas of Mumbai and Bangalore. Mapping interior Zilla Parishad schools in the state of Maharastra to provide footwear to barefooted children. The first distribution of the year was initiated in Feb 2021 to 300 students in Palghar District. 

On the Sports Field: Sports Essentials for student-athletes

Pilot 2020 – 2021: In. November 2020, Piloted with Parikrma Humanity Foundation, Bangalore to provide funds for sports essentials for their growing sports club of 100 student-athletes. In May 2021, funds to provide for COVID second wave Relief in the communities they already are actively engaged with.

Into Greater Outdoors: Connecting youth to the natural world

Pilot 2020 – 2021: There are very few pre-existing outdoor organizations running non-profit programs for adventure sport. We teamed up with Xtremetrekkers, an Adventure Tourism firm founded by Prateek Khardekar, as our hosts for trekking pilots. Piloted Greater Outdoor Experiences feasibility through:

In September 2020 we did Trek experience giveaways to encourage outdoor enthusiasts and to build awareness around Footnote’s initiative committed to encouraging & supporting greater outdoor activities.

In November 2020, we Sponsored Trek Leadership training conducted by Xtremetrekkers for one qualifying youth to pilot opening up paths to short or long-term employment in the outdoor community.

In March 2021, we Introduced free guided treks for students and first-time trekkers in and around the Pune region who are enthusiastic to participate in a trek or camp for the first time with expert guidance or skill up existing or new technical skills. We Thank Xtremetrekkers for the continued collaboration in our pathfinding approach.