No roots, just wings!

This pic is us at Charyn Canyon – Kazakhstan’s answer to the Grand Canyon. As a Forces child growing up in different parts of the country I had no roots, just wings! I am proud of that upbringing. It gave me a global identity & perspective, to be open & to reject fear, to learn to say yes to the unknown while being compassionate & free and I pass the gene on to my daughter. Our planet is the most beautiful gift to us and going out & about, getting the full sensory experience of new places, building mental maps on what could be there & comparing it to what it actually is – that’s what makes me itch to go out again & again & again.

Contributed by: Sejuti Roy | Location: Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan | Feature image:”Charyn Canyon” by MrHicks46 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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