Mission Sahas

Congratulations to Kaamya, 12 years old and newly minted as the youngest girl in the world to summit Mount Aconcagua, Argentina. This tallies to 4 on ‘Mission SAHAS’ – Kaamya’s goal to reach the Seven Summits and also ski North and South poles.⁣

It was a pleasure to learn more. The family made generous time, amidst online school and lunch breaks, to share her adventures, extra-curricular and playtime with friends. While the spotlight was on Kaamya, this Navy family’s massive love for mountains resonated the most with us.⁣

The little things are the dots that complete the epic picture. They put in hard work, get better at it, give their best, are resilient, make it worthwhile, and make history! Holidays, picnics, milestones (15th wedding anniversary – planned summit, Mt. Elbrus), trekking for fun in the Sahyadris or skiing in the Himalayas, the family makes every occasion a celebration of nature.⁣

With Mom as the summit partner on 3 of the 7 peaks, Dad on Aconcagua, Kaamya is in dear company and looks forward to Mt. Denali, Everest and Vinson Massif in the lineup.⁣

When asked about what inspired this mission -⁣

“My Dad. He loves to climb mountains. It took away my time from him. I wanted to see what (to him) was as dear as me. We climbed Stok Kangri together in 2017. On the descent, I asked, what shall we climb next? That was our family moment.”⁣

Where will the mountain love take her in the future? Kaamya hasn’t explored all the possibilities. “It’ll likely be the Forest Services. I’ve been cradled in the Sahyadris, it’s home.” she says, heartily!⁣

Thank you, Kaamya and family! All our best and love to Mission Sahas.


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