Like father, like daughter…and more!

We love to write about these children and their dreams which have no ceiling! A peek into 11-year-old Suchithra’s journey inspires us once again to cheer them on their goals and help shape into a reality by following their passions!

Suchithra was just 3 years old when she suffered a pneumonia type of infection. As a path to recovery, her doctor prescribed that she works not only towards regaining physical strength but also improving her immunity to lead a healthy life without medications. 

Using outdoors to inculcate lifelong habits, her parents approached Mr. Krishnamurthy, Coach of the Bangalore Sports Club, and an active citizen coaching many underprivileged children in Bengaluru. Mr. Krishnamurthy took Suchithra under his wing, and they trained on a fitness routine at the Kanteerava Stadium. 

From the age of 5, she started to demonstrate a love for sports, especially athletics – as it is in her blood! Taking a cue from her emotional and physical readiness, her father, Coach Shiva, fueled her to dream the track and they put together a diligent plan towards accomplishments. 

Suchithra now is synonymous with winning at school & district level championships for U-12, and a State-level athlete triumphant with several medals. Her future is stretched out before her, and it’s no surprise that she’s nurturing a bigger dream to represent India at the Olympics and a Gold in athletics! 

Contributed by: Suchithra, Shiva Kumar | Location: Bangalore, India

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