A heart for the outdoors

From urban routes to trails to hillocks and mountains – all paths are fun. Except, when there’s snow.

For years, an overwhelming fear that I’ll slip or slide and be consumed by snow always got in the way of a dream to see how the backyard trails looked in winter whites. I’d browse through 100’s of trip reports attempting to appreciate vicariously. The more I saw, the more I wanted to be out there too. I finally mustered the courage to ask in an online hiking group if anyone would be willing to accompany a newbie. KT, an active contributor to the group, offered to.

It would be our first meeting ever, we messaged to put a proper plan in place. I told her about the snow monster, lest she discovered on the trail – it wouldn’t be kind, fun or a safe situation to be in for either of us! She sent reading resources and gear details to get acquainted with, I prepped mentally and showed up on the day of. KT’s easygoing enjoys the outdoors and a bundle of energy – it felt like we were long time friends even if meeting for the first time. And the trail I knew very well – a novelty, like walking through a fairytale! I took snaps to bring back the sights and tell I more than survived. KT, Thank you!

Contributed by Rupa Saumil | Location: Franklin Falls, WA | Feature image: “Franklin Falls III” by James Marvin Phelps is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


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