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If you are passionate about outdoor activity, we’d love to hear from you!

You could be a walker, runner, hiker, biker, or into field sports. You like to get in the outdoors regularly, and have fun while learning life skills! Your story can be from your past or your current experiences – key moments or events in your life that taught you something, helped you overcome adversities, taken you to success, or transformed you. It’s ok to mention a setback or things that aren’t perfect or “world-changing.”
It’s ok if your endeavors are work-in-progress; don’t hesitate to share these if they serve your message to the outdoor community.

Please fill in the details below; we’ll review and, if appropriate, will share it on our Instagram feed (link here to Instagram Feed Section) with due credit to you.

Donate to a cause :

We have individuals graciously offer to contribute to our “Essential Needs” Program from time to time. While we do not accept donations at Footnote, we are grateful for the offer and encourage people to support the cause by directly approaching the organization(s) we work with. Link:

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