Garden, Coach, Shoes, Dream

At work, our Enterprise Solutions had images of running athletes on the deck to promote “fit for life” thinking. I ran daily – to catch the commuter train, rickshaws, buses or after my kid! These images slowly re-ignited my childhood dream of becoming an athlete.

In September I enrolled in a small group training with Coach Ajit Kulkarni, erstwhile trainer for National and International track & field events. Practice started at 5:30 am every other day at the local public garden. The coach was tough, pushed hard for results with equal quantities of fun.

I don’t know what quality he saw…one month into the training, he said, “You will run the…” I quickly agreed…” Yes! I’ll run the SC Mumbai Marathon (21 km) in April!” But, he had not finished…he didn’t mean the Marathon, he wanted to sign me up for the veteran Olympics tryouts. For anyone like me hearing about it for the first time, this track and field Olympics event is for the 30+ age group.

April 20th, on track at the Mumbai event – my first spike shoes, my first sprint. Anyone who has run in spikes knows that euphoria…I could fly! The coach was pretty sure I was going for the veteran’s tryout soon. For the present, I was in my happy place, on the synthetic track!

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