Outdoors In the Syllabus

Outdoors In the  Syllabus 

Using sport as a tool of communication to create an environment of inclusion, SWAM (Sports with a mission), a recently formed organization, is well on its path to community impact through purposeful play and education outside the classroom. 

Their prime focus is on UN Sustainable Development Goals # 4,3,5 namely Quality Education, Good Health and Well-Being and Gender Equality respectively. Working at the grassroots level, around 500 children, including those with special needs/ less suited to formal education settings and 50 seniors are all beneficiaries of the current programs. 

Through play based methodology, self directed learning and self-reflective skills are encouraged. A 80:20 (play: discussion) format is delivered through workshops across free schools, senior homes and hostels in Bangalore. 

Note: We had previously posted about the Karnataka Team Inclusion Cup Win in Goa, 2020. Thank you to SWAM founders Coach Benny and Nandini, for writing to us about the broader mission! 


SDG#5: Gender equality and empowerment for all women and girls 

“I grew up being told girls aren’t allowed to play. I’m married to a sports coach, but it was only after my second baby that I mustered the courage to go onto the field where I was introduced to “Coaches Across Continents”. Once on the field I couldn’t stay away from it. The education from games around gender equality and our role in society gave me the much needed confidence. I now facilitate sessions both on and off the field.” – Dr. Nandini, Physiotherapist, cofounder SWAM

SDG #4: Inclusive and equitable quality education, lifelong learning for all 

Teamwork and effective communication: The kids have to pass through the gates formed by holding hands, without breaking the chain between team members. 

 The Team won the Panjim City Cup and Diversity Cup at the National Inclusion Cup conducted by Slum Soccer in Goa, 2020. 

SDG #3: Healthy lives and wellbeing for all at all ages

Stretch a little, put your hands up, sing a song or toss the football – Be well!

Contributed by: Benny Marquis, Nandini Benedict | Location: Bangalore,India

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