Ryan Minithon Participant

The undying appeal of sports

The undying appeal of a sport is that on game day anyone can win!⁣

Parikrma Runners Club continues to be in the top 2 for the 3rd consecutive year in Ryan Minithon (Bengaluru leg) – a popular road race series for school students in the country.⁣

Runners-Up in 2018 -> Winners in 2019 -> Runners-Up in 2020. Harshitha (5K), Jayashree (5K) and Srishti (3K) did a fine run and pulled up the team scores for 2nd place.⁣

Parikrma is about long-term wins. Leader Shukla Bose, Coach Shiva & Rajesh are proud that the girls are competing more and more in sports & tournaments that did not welcome them before. While their Football club provided some with an equal opportunity to play and excel in the game, there were several girls who enjoyed and had the grit for competitive running – a good reason to form a Runners Club.⁣

The initiative is also an important facet of their women’s empowerment endeavors. The realities of home for some of the girls is that of alcoholism, domestic violence, and substance abuse. Several interactions with parents regarding health, gender and myth-breaking sessions slowly opened up to permit their daughters into the playing field – opportunities to develop a healthy attitude towards winning, to emerge as leaders in life.⁣

These​ children meet every opportunity with hard work. The day begins at 4:30 am, they readily wake up and show up for practice. Many of them don’t have running shoes, run barefoot, or with school shoes. Some are sprinters and some working on record timings in 5K and 10K. Always aiming higher, we can’t wait to see where the ​upcoming powerhouses – Divya, Vijay, Divyashree, Vishal, Kishore, Deepika, and Bhavya will go!⁣ All the best

Contributed by: Team Parikrma | Location: Bangalore

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