Footprints of health, hygiene and hope.

We are happy to launch and complete our first pilot in providing children living in low income situations with essential footwear they need to be outdoors on foot. 

Footnote partnered with Greensole to donate 300 pairs of upcycled footwear to children in need in Malvani Village, Malad West, Mumbai. The footwear would help them walk to long distances aiding in comfort, hygiene and preventing them from diseases caused by unprotected feet. 

Shriyans Bhandari, Co-Founder of Greensole is an ardent marathoner, running hundreds of Kms each year and in the process, discarding several pairs of sports shoes which made their way to the landfills as waste. This realization, compounded with research that globally more than 350 million pairs of shoes are discarded while 1.2 billion people still do not have footwear, inspired his venture of recycling discarded shoes. 

In 2015, Shriyans and Ramesh Dhami founded the company. Greensole Foundation identifies and provides recycled shoes to children in need. Their commercial arm retails upcycled footwear towards building a self-sustaining social venture. 

Thank you for making this happen just in time for Covid Monsoon protection, Team Greensole, Ramesh & Shriyans – Marathoner, Entrepreneur, Author “Birds of Aravallis” in association with Rajasthan Tourism and Bombay Natural History Society. 

Contributed by: Team Footnote | Location: Mumbai

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