Exploring the backyard

#2020: We have rediscovered a slower pace and closer look at the now and present through our windows, terraces and local gullies – the paths less travelled on foot. It is only natural we’d extend the new lenses to our neighbourhoods and backyards. Our near term getaways will likely involve a few hours on the road, a trek, backpacking or camping. One on our list is #Gandikota – India’s hidden Grand Canyon. An offbeat village, a grand temple, a historical fort, #Penna river, caves and golden rays! We couldn’t ask for more. What’s on your list?

Contributed by Footnote | Location: Gandikota, Telangana | Picture Courtesy: B Rajendra Prasad | Feature image: “Crazy Yatra” by CrazyYatra CAPTURES is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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