While on an assignment with a nature and wildlife documentary production house in Bangalore, a city of over 11 million people, I stumbled on many city lakes, urban parks, sports fields – all unexpected pockets of “nature” we co-exist with and thrive on an everyday basis.

This struck a chord, being, where we come from, who we are, what we do, and how we see ourselves may appear to set us oceans apart. Yet, when we come together around the simple beauty and benefits that the outdoors provides us, we experience something universal. It has the power to challenge, inspire and restore us every single day.

Footnote was born and continues to evolve with this concept as the starting point. It underlies everything we do and aspire to.  – Rupa Saumil, Founder.

May 8, 2020: When we started in Covid Lockdown in May, we weren’t sure of the best way to reach the broader outdoor community. So we turned to social media to learn from outdoor enthusiasts by spotlighting their everyday journeys and learnings through nature photography, travel, and sports.

The stories also opened up opportunities for support for urgent resource needs during Covid – essential footwear for children, masks, tabs & data access for online learning, vaccinations. More importantly, through the journeys, we were inspired to reciprocate the encouragement we were receiving, especially from the resilient youth communities.

For Footnote today, giving back in small ways to the outdoor community has become a fulfilling part of celebrating the positivity from outdoor journeys. We remain thankful to everyone graciously sharing their outdoor journeys with us.

Note: Footnote is neither a registered Corporate nor a Non-profit organization currently. As it is with most nascent ventures, this is a 100% founder self-supported initiative. We do not solicit for, accept donations or engage in any financial transactions with the public. All scholarships or small grants are our direct work with colleges, non-profits, adventure tourism orgs or coaching academies that are already working relentlessly to make sports possible at a deeper level.