Chain of events

“Kere Utsav” by Jalposhan Trust got us thinking beyond the beautiful scenery of Jakkur Lake. Ulsoor, Yediyur, Kempambuddhi led to “Wake the Lake” by the United Way. The why what & how questions to Friends of Lakes. A bunch of kids who played around lakes made an informal pact as Friends of Lakes in 1988, & regrouped 22 years later. Having lost several to sports and housing layouts, bazaars etc, their singular mission – save & rejuvenate existing urban lakes. Their informal but committed citizen volunteerism model slowly roped sustainability experts, technologists, NGOs, corporates and the state into the fray.

Talking to volunteers, experts and founders to inform ourselves on initiatives as complex, we are learning to reframe lakes as assets, stakeholder expectations, governance….and are introduced to voices like Hasiru Dala (Sustainable waste management) in the intricately linked realm.

Contributed by Footnote | Location: Jakkur Lake, Bangalore |Picture Courtesy: C.B. Mahesh | Feature Image: “Time to go home” by Jogesh S is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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