Awareness is half the story

I’m a 5th-grade dropout and have hands-on experience with garbage. I attended the ParisClimate Convention (2015), thanks to Hasiru Dala.

I can’t speak English, it didn’t impede. The educated Japanese, African, & European delegates also needed translators. Some asked what I’d accomplish after the Convention. I didn’t say a word. I simply went on with the door to door waste collection. 30% of it is easily sortable – shoes, furniture, clothes. We started training residents on why & how-to segregate waste. These basics are also taught in school for older kids, why not Kindergarten? Awareness is only half the story, the action makes it whole. We now refuse to collect unsegregated waste from homes.

Hear Mansoor on Bengaluru’s first community radio – Radioactive CR 90.4 MHz’s “Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka” or find him at Ward 168 Pattabhirama Nagara, segregating our waste. No appointments are necessary.

Contributed by: Mansoor Gous | Location: Bangalore | Feature image: “Future compost fertiliser at Greencomp Ltd” by Evelyn Simak is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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