Answers in the sky – Neowise Comet

Last night was truly magically, and in every way summed up what hiking, adventure, and the great outdoors means to me.

When I started shooting the comet a week ago, I knew I wouldn’t stop until I got something epic. A shot that would capture the Neowise Comet as a backdrop against iconic Oregon; my chosen home, my place of work, my photographic playground. I wanted this shot so, so badly. But I realized something on my 2am drive home. Once captured, the shot itself isn’t that important – it’s what capturing it represents.

It represents a week of visiting places I have never been, meeting countless new friends, in remote spots, sharing something magical. I saw the Comet over towns and mountains, across rivers and fields and forests. I saw a doe, with two fawns, watching me curiously. I saw the sun set and the Milky Way rise. I helped someone find the Comet in the sky, just as someone had done for me the night before. I got to share my photos with people who are unable to see the Comet for themselves because they are working, looking after children/family, limited physically, financially or otherwise. I drove over 500 miles, and took just as many pictures, until finally, I got my shot.

So what now? I’ll be out again tonight of course, searching for a Comet, some adventure, and hopefully, some new friends.

Comet as it touched the Mountain


 The tail of the Comet as it aligned as if emitting light from the Volcano

Contributed by:  James Foley | Location: Mount Hood, USA

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