A beautiful reminder

Running has always been a part of our family. What it looks like in our family has evolved over the years, but it has been a constant presence. A primary form of exercise, a way that we spend time together, the reason for many of our family vacations and an opportunity for us to support one another.

When Roy and I first met and were dating, instead of dinner and a movie, we would go for a run together. After our girls were born, we would bundle them up, buckle them into the baby jogger and head out for a run. We put hundreds of miles on the baby jogger. Once the girls were grown enough to ride a bike, they would bike alongside us while we ran the local roads and trails. Eventually, they grew enough to run with us and we would enjoy family trail runs.

We spent many family vacations travelling so that Roy and I could run either a marathon or a half marathon. The girls both ran cross country through middle school and high school, and one continues to run in college. Running has provided countless opportunities to spend time together as a family, but more importantly, it has given us the chance to support one another unconditionally through the victories and the losses.

Our garage wall, decorated with race bibs, medals and running shoes serves as a beautiful reminder of our common thread.

Contributed by: Ramos Family | Location: Seattle, USA | Feature image: Track, field, and seagulls” by thetorpedodog is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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