We inspire and enable learning through outdoor activities is an evolving platform that emphasizes learning through experience from outdoor activities. We are inspired and inspire through stories of everyday people spotlighting the beauty & benefits experienced from outdoor activities. Through our funds, we encourage organizations that are already working relentlessly to help people get active outdoors within their own communities. We also run our own initiatives to encourage more youth to connect with the greater outdoors.

Footnote is not a Corporate nor an NGO currently. We are 100% founder/self-supported. We do not crowdsource funds, do not solicit funds on a 1:1 basis, do not accept donations, and do not administer ANY financial transactions with the general public for any of our work.

Focus Areas

1: On the Streets

Bare Essentials: Meet basic footwear needs of children for hygiene and comfort. Link messaging of foot health and regular use alongside footwear distribution.

2: On the Sports Field

Sports Essentials: Enable resources as needed for the Sports arms of schools, colleges, and coaching academies whose students aspire to participate or excel in field sports.

3: Into Greater Outdoors

Greater Outdoor Experiences: Support and encourage programs that connect youth to real-life greater outdoor experiences.

Pilot Initiatives

February 2021, Bare Essentials

Footprints of health, hygiene, and hope. Started mapping of Zilla Parishad schools with barefoot children and basic footwear needs in...
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December 2020, Greater Outdoor Experiences

Initiated a low profile (no social media announcement) trek experience giveaway for 6 outdoor enthusiasts in the Pune area.
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November 2020, Sports Essentials

​Pilot project with Parikrma to gear up their boys and girls sports arm of 100 student-athletes. Seeing a team from...
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November 2020, Greater Outdoor Experiences

Aishwarya Gole; the 1st recipient of pilot initiative to train as a Trek Lead.
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November 2020, Bare Essentials

​Footprints of health, hygiene, and hope.​ ​ Thanksgiving 2020. In early November, as part of our outdoor “Bare Essential Needs”...
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September 2020, Greater Outdoor Experiences

Pilot Giveaway Initiative with XtremeTrekkers, India. Footnote is 4 months today! Thank you for being part of this journey committed...
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August 2020, Bare Essentials

Footprints of health, hygiene, and hope. 2nd pilot of Footnote’s outreach efforts in providing essential footwear to children in deeper...
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July 2020, Bare Essentials

Footprints of health, hygiene, and hope. We are happy to launch and complete our first pilot in providing children living...
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